April 8th, 2009

trek - fandom shirt - distress_call

Where to begin? Oh. "Where No Man Has Gone Before."

Megatrekathon blogging is back, thanks to my boyfriend's insistence that Enterprise, while hilarious, is not in as dire need of blogging as CLASSIC STAR TREK.

We finished up Enterprise on Monday, by the way, with "These Are The Voyages." Das Boy's wonderful Riker-dream-sequence fix-it notion kind of neutered the worst of the mind-rape-iness of that episode, so it felt less like Paramount had just shot my dog and more like Paramount had just broken into my apartment and intentionally unplugged my fridge while I was away for the weekend. I could even appreciate some of the good parts of the episode, because at least a few people were acting their little hearts out in an attempt to salvage a totally insulting script. So... yeah. I'm kind of tempted to write fanfic where I figure out exactly why Riker is having this historically incorrect dream. Best moment of the episode is totally when Riker freezes the program to kiss T'Pol on the cheek, and I'm all, I KNEW IT! William T. Riker does not waste time in the holodeck on programs that don't involve nookie.

But last night: the BRIGHT BRIGHT future of Classic Star Trek! We will have SHATNER FOR MONTHS, guys! :) The greatest hurdle so far in our megatrekathon for my boyfriend (greater than getting over my unabashed love for Mayweather's arms) has been deciding which order to watch the classic Trek episodes in. Airdate order? DVD order? STARDATE order? (Stardate order would require extra-dimensional math for the old series, since they sort of made them up as they went along.) He ultimately decided on filming order, did some research, and was very pleased. This means we start with the beige-velour-coutured wonder that is "Where No Man Has Gone Before," because his Complete Star Trek DVDs do not include "The Cage" anywhere in their completeness.

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