April 14th, 2009

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Life Sucks And Then You Spend Eternity Marooned On A Planet With Noncorporeal Aliens

Das Boy remembered "Charlie X" as an epic hatefest that is actually the worst thing Star Trek has ever done to him. I remembered this episode as a fun romp with card tricks, and I recall being sort of disappointed that crossing my eyes didn't give me supernatural powers. Neither of us remembered the EXISTENTIAL HORROR of it all. Or, for that matter, the red spandex. Wow.

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How William Shatner Changed the World:

The all-important fashion breakthroughs of torn shirts and spandex pants.
Making closed-mouth kissing "sexy."
Revolutionary martial arts advancement in the form of two-legged jump kicks.
Groundbreaking use of the pause in dramatic monologues.
"Rocket Man: Spoken Word Edition."
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