May 1st, 2009

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This week, in bizarro-world:

Okay, I actually regret turning off the game last night, because fielders were pitching and pitchers were fielding and that's probably about as hilarious as a 13-0 loss can be.

I don't have a dreamwidth account, not so much out of personal politics or anything as that I am way behind the news curve and feel daunted by the idea of having to figure out something new. (My brain cells are kind of like Boston pitching yesterday -- scattered injuries, overworked, and getting lost somewhere out in left field.) Am I gunna lose all my frenz? DO U STILL LUV MEEEE?

I thought I had swine flu this morning, but then I ate a bagel and felt better. I can't decide if I want to freak out about this thinly spread epidemic or not. The numbers on the CDC site make it seem so bland that the cynic in me thinks this is all a big diversionary tactic, and next week we'll discover that we invaded England or something while no one was looking. However, CDC people also say "this could mutate and kill everyone in like ten seconds," so I will err on the side of not putting unsterilized objects in my mouth, nose or eyes.

I cannot get up the oomph to do a darned thing this week. I'm brushing up on my telekenesis by staring at the piles of to-dos on my desk and attempting to will them to do themselves.