May 6th, 2009

peanuts - cut that out



Okay, not really. But I went through a few pages to approve my openID, then set up an account with an invite code from lanna_kitty, which took a whole bunch of pages, then I COULD NOT FIGURE OUT HOW TO FIND FRIENDS, then finally made my way back to the post I was trying to comment on, and then it told me I WAS NOT VALIDATED.

Anyway. I am "mylittleredgirl" over there, but I do not know how to use it, because I am 85 years old and technology changes baffle me! Hahahaha. Also, I don't know how to code mylittleredgirl such that it shows up with a little dreamwidth person. I FEEL UNCOOL.

So, I kind of tried to jump on the bandwagon and fell off and everyone LAUGHED AT ME. *clings to livejournal*

However, now I can comment on people's posts over there that they crosspost to el-jay. SUCCESS.