July 1st, 2009

b5 - talia love is hell - radak

Two Ways I Realized pellucid Was Actually Right All Along

So as far as Babylon 5 goes, I kind of got the whole Susan/Talia thing, but I didn't really get it.

So then I read icepixie's really clever "Five Things that Never Happened to Susan Ivanova", which is really quite light on the Susan/Talia, but somehow bit me in the brain. (DUDE. I so want to write a "Five Times Susan Was In The Psi Corps And Talia Was Also There" but that seems TOO SPECIFIC, and also like FIVE MAY NOT BE ENOUGH.)

Then, this vid:

Collapse )


I still love Talia/Garibaldi tho, okay?

Because I kind of also have this plot bunny biting me in the face about how obviously Control would have chosen Garibaldi as the easy mark in the command staff for Talia to get close to since Susan hated her while he wanted in her pants, yes? And so that should happen? And then collossal angst perhaps and Psi Corps intrigue?