July 27th, 2009

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Fic: Sheppard/Weir ficathon, "Afterimage"

Title: "Afterimage"
Author: Little Red
Rating: R
Challenge: swficathon: For cassievalentine, who wanted the aftermath of "The Real World," Elizabeth having issues, and John helping her work through them, friendship or more.
Spoilers: "The Real World" and "Common Ground." Set in the time between those two episodes.
Warnings: The vaguest of non-graphic, fantasy-only non-con sex.
Thanks to: anr, who not only assigned me episode-related fic because I love eet, but also beta'd!

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swficathon rec

Actually, do not read my fic which I just posted. Go read Decompression by anuna_81 instead, because it's a post-ep for "Hot Zone" and kind of the best fic ever, and then they done sex. Seriously.

Also, don't make the mistake that I made and assume that because it's posted by community moderator anr, it's written by community moderator anr, or you will end up sounding foolish.