January 12th, 2010

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Fic Amnesty: Daniel/Janet - "Something to Talk About" (post 1/2)

Happy Daniel/Janet Day!! (Day/Week/Month/YEAR, depending on how enthusiastic we're all feeling.) Anyway, in honor of this momentous anniversary (anniversary of the first airing of "2010" commemorated in the year 2010), festivities were declared, and Fic Amnesty was established.

This is an UNFINISHED humor fic from 2004, when I was new to fandom in general and bought into the fanon notion that the SGC was kind of like high school, except with more guns and aliens. Icon is also from 2004, although there's no drunken sex in this fic. And so, for the gals in Gateview (headers are also from 2004, because apparently I liked to write those first):

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Rest is here!