January 14th, 2010

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I've totally signed up to write a bunch of stuff. EEP!

I am totally overwhelmed by help_haiti! It is hard to find people in the gazillion comments. I'll comb through it more carefully closer to the final auction and see what I can still afford! :-D

My offer post is here, and the details are:

I am offering: 1000+ word fic to top bidder, a 500+ word fic each to the 2nd and 3rd place bidders, if any.

Fandoms (if appropriate): Atlantis (Sheppard/Weir), SG-1 (Sam/Jack, Daniel/Janet), Star Trek (any show, most het pairings), X-Files (Doggett/Reyes), Babylon 5, Jake 2.0, sgarpf (Torri/Joe).

Additional Info (optional): I'm not very familiar with the last two seasons of either Atlantis or SG-1. I'll write other fandoms and pairings if I know them, email/comment on my journal to ask! Note: the "2nd/3rd place bidders" clause means that you can bid less than the top bid.

Starting Bid: $5

I also signed up for:


I only did this because irony_rocks promised that my flist would help me find actor pikshurz for my show, hehehe. See how she volunteered you like that? I'll post my casting call soon. :)
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Yes, I totally just posted about this, but then someone made BANNERS:

my mad skillz - - havocthecat's mad skillz - - medie's mad skillz - - triciabyrne1978's mad skillz - - leyenn's mad skillz - - who did I miss?

p.s. we should, like, do this when there wasn't a horrible natural disaster sometime. because I'm excited and then feel like a heel for being excited because horrible natural disaster and then there's news reading and tears! so maybe later we should throw ourselves an auction where we trade each other mad skillz for mad skillz, and no earthquake, and i will be really excited then instead?