January 24th, 2010

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Just spent a fabulous weekend in Seattle for my sister's birthday (hooray!) that was totally fabulous due to sister + birthday + friends and not at all dampened by ridiculously crappy restaurant service and overcharging (TWICE) and driving back for 5 hours in the omgrain. It was THAT FABULOUS!!! :)

But now, I get to start on my Fiscal Quarter of Awesome Write-i-tude!! :) It will look like this so you can hold me to it/publically shame me when I do not do it:

Tomorrow: I will post a poll with pikshurs for SCREEN TESTING for my Chaos show! (America Ferrera as a badass ex-marine party girl? y/n?) Then of course update final bible and post to chaos_thon.

This week/weekend (last week o' January): help_haiti fic for miera_c! There will be SPARKY. That's all I'll say. (I'm sure you are all just shocked at this development.)

Next week/weekend (first week o' February): help_haiti fic for indiefic! I don't even know what it will be yet, so I can't even pretend to lord that over you.

2nd week o' February: plot outline for chaos_thon fic! I'm turning over a new leaf of outlining, and a tangential new leaf of not turning things in late.

February/March: chaos_thon fic, with all my ten-people-requesting-drabbles meme drabbles.

ETA: Non-writing things-I-will-do, v. exciting for me, less exciting for the livejournal community at large:

Tomorrow: Format my newwww 1T external hard drive, transfer over a bunch of media stuff, partition laptop, install Windows, download STO for mad system testing capabilities!

Wednesday: If all goes well with the testing, pre-order STO for all the bonuses that will enable me to play a joined Trill in a miniskirt, dammit! Though, obviously, my play-time will be limited by the Fiscal Quarter of Awesome Write-i-tude.

All other times: Knit tiny things for friends' incoming babies. Babieeeees!