January 29th, 2010

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How Glee is Destroying the Parts of America Not Previously Destroyed by the Golden Girls

Oh, my god, you guys. YOU GUYS. You have to read this article (it takes a while to load, but WORTH IT) and remember that it is NOT A SATIRE. ETA: SATIRE! Probably. The internet is divided.

"A generation from now, when these [Glee-watching] children become adults, what kind of country will the United States be? How many middle-aged men will find themselves in a dead-end Glee-based lifestyle? Will they be ostentatious and sensitive, their dreams smashed up against a wall crying out to have that giant hole in their souls stuffed with some musky foreign thrill? Will they be violating what’s left of our traditional cultural landscape with unimaginable high-tech perversions, drenching, nay drowing the bright young men of tomorrow in their relentless sauces of net porn and showtunes, maximized liberties and stem-cell party drugs? Will male sports just become an excuse for gay locker room orgies?" [emphasis theirs]

Also, "In a nutshell, the Golden Girls turned a generation away from procreation."

AMAZINGLY TERRIFYING. I also like how many of the links link to queer websites, which makes THIS ARTICLE UNSAFE FOR CHILDREN.
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Ughhhh... so, I can't get Star Trek Online, and I spent $80 and wasted a crap ton of time. Witness the steps of the technology demons PWNING ME.

Little Red: "Star Trek Online has BONUSES if you pre-order! Like playing a JOINED TRILL in a CLASSIC TREK MINISKIRT! It's truly, truly the greatest thing ever to happen in a computer game, ever. But I have to do it before February 1st."

Technology Demons: "Star Trek Online does not have a mac-compatible version so you can't play it. NYAH."

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