February 1st, 2010

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My RISK bible is up at chaos_thon.

ZOMG, it's kind of like a real show! Also, a little digging on google images, and Percy Daggs grew up hot, y'all, and possibly not nerdy enough for the role we cast him in, but I did mention hot, so, OK? OK.

Also, in totally non-official news, I totally may have written fic. For my show. As I was explaining to Lyssie, not fic of my show, but, like, non-canon future speculative fic that I would totally write if the show were on the air. Actually, I might have written it before the character bible. And it's possible that it has headers, with things like Episode Spoilers and "AU!fic." What the heck kind of brain do I live in where this is acceptable procrastination behavior?

OH FINE. SHAME IS OVERRATED. I'm even leaving the spoiler warning in there, for the true effect of "... wtf, Little Red?" CONSIDER YOURSELVES SPOILED FOR AU IMAGINARY THINGS ONLY IN MY HEAD.

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Yes, unfriending is an acceptable response. *headdesk*

ETA: Should you take this to mean that I've casually charted out about 3 seasons of the show in my head? Um, yes. Look, it was a long drive to Seattle and back.