March 22nd, 2010

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please help me, external internet decision-making brain

chaos_thon peeps, general enablers, sanity-savers: I need advice.

I started writing a I'm dropping out of chaos_thon because it took me sixteen years to finish the other fics I owed and I've completely missed the boat and DAMMIT IT LOOKED LIKE THE FUNNEST THING EVER post. Then I noticed that they're kind of doing extensions over there, so maybe I haven't totally missed the boat, but all the late dates are taken, so I still sort of have? But the mods all like me?

I finished my help_haiti fics yesterday, so I haven't touched my Chaosfic. I still completely adore my show and characters, but my plot is missing... um, most of itself (ugh, who would have thought spy fics needed COHERENT PLOT), so I'm kind of at square two, if not square one. I can't even figure out what city to base my company headquarters in! I might have to invent one! And if/when I write it, I'd kind of like to write it well.

Poll #1541838 The Wrong Sort Of Chaos, Actually

What should I dooooo?

Drop out of the 'thon to avoid unmeetable deadlines/stress/massive humiliation and write the story on my own time/NaNoChaosMo.
Stay in the 'thon and write 5,000 words of non-plotty character-based ficcishness in my show's universe, which I could probably do by the deadline, but is kind of cheating and might not be actually allowed in the rules?
Stay in the 'thon, start the pilot novelization I was planning to write, fail spectacularly!
Bag the whole thing and write Second Chances, already, since that was supposed to be my novel for the year, and I should strike while the Stargate iron is hot.
State-mandated omgapoll option.