April 3rd, 2010

sg - sj need forever - jr_moon


Oh my god. Stupid cute OTP. If there's better UST out there than Stargate Season 4, I'm pretty sure it would be hazardous to my health to know about it.

I want to ask for ficlet prompts, but I think I'm in that sort of brain-fried-on-season-4 state where it would come out like OOC pining-then-declarations-of-love crack because they do that to you. (I think I have about 300K words of shame fic on my hard drive from the first time I watched season 4. Sheppard and Weir never did that to me - everything I started writing for them I intended to be post-able, and I never felt the need to find more and more outlandish ways of breaking them to get them together. Sam and Jack make me dumb.)

Um. But if you want to prompt me, even after that, you can. ;)