August 19th, 2010

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Cubicle Crafts

My midyear review went something like this:

Boss: "Good job with not taking on too many extra projects anymore."
Boss: "So what's your goal for the rest of the year?"
Me: "... take on more projects?"
Boss: "I'm going to write down Do your boring job and don't let other people trick you into doing theirs."

Anyway, I've decided to cope with the raging injustice of no longer working above my pay grade by having pretty surroundings (it's a bit of a theme I've been working on lately - I'll post my home redecorations soon!). I have hour-long lunches and office supplies at the ready, so making crafty things was an obvious plan! I didn't think of taking how-to pics along the way, but supplies are listed below the pics. I wouldn't mind growing up to be a craft blogger one day, so should you want instructions for any of these, I'll happily provide. :)

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Do you guys have any cool cube-craft ideas?
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Oregon is so much cooler than wherever you live!

You know why? I just spent the evening with hihoplastic and peanutbutterer! Who are both substantially cooler than me, and I have MOOCHED their coolness for the purposes of the subject line of this post.

(pb is exactly as cool in real life as she is on the internet, which is to say, very freaking cool. hiho is less excitable than I expected while still being very excitable, probably because my previous interactions with her have gone something like <3 <3 !!!!! <3 <3 !!)

We came up with totally brilliant fandom plans that we're probably not motivated enough to actually implement, and which have probably already been done while we weren't paying attention (a cliche ficathon - that happened, right? an episode-related-athon? how come I miss all the cool stuff?). Also, Elizabeth Weir's hair. And what we might accidentally say if we met Stargate actors ("Hi! It's great to meet you! I've totally written porn about you! ... Nice job in Bliss!").

peanutbutterer reminded me that Sparktober approacheth. hihoplastic encouraged me to go on a leave of absence from work to write "Second Chances," which she has never actually read and would likely have no interest in since she's not an SG-1 fan, because she's just that good at enabling people.

The moral of this story is: you wish you lived in Oregon right now. :) (And I wish hiho were not going to pursue higher education elsewhere to better herself or learn something or whatever. Hmph!)

As an aside, pb, we totally need Sparky credentials. Like for real. They should be laminated, and we should scare all our coworkers with them whenever they casually mention they watch the Sci-Fi channel.