August 25th, 2010

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Cubicle Crafts: How to Suck Up to IT

Sucking up to the I.T. department is pretty much the smartest move you can make, particularly if you're an admin trying to keep a field office running. Fortunately for me, not enough people have figured out this golden rule of technology equipment supply & demand, so the bar is set pretty low!

I had hoped to send a big ol' gift basket, but the best I could squeeze out of my office-mates was some Starbucks cards. I added a tiny pot of Marionberry jam for Oregon flair, and assembled a gift box! Shala from Don't Eat the Paste has a great, great selection of free, pretty gift boxes to print and assemble... since I'm still getting mileage out of being "that admin with the lolcats," I modified one of her templates to use pictures of cats and computers.

This craft is easy, fast, and best of all, is actually a productive use of work time -- it's an investment toward the next time the blue screen of death shows up.

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