November 6th, 2010

peanuts - novel going badly

Confession time!

So, I've written about twelve words for nano over the past three days. Not that I haven't spent hours with my word doc open! I switched into mindless distraction mode where I don't sleep, find some new toy to nonsensically obsess over, lie to people about how I spend my time, and avoid anything resembling emotional engagement. I even went to Television Without Pity today, which is my personal bellwether for this becoming a phase and not just "Oh, it's completely reasonable that I'm scouring the internet for Dancing with the Stars fanfic where, like, Jonathan Roberts and Anna Trebunskaya make boring coffee together and do the crossword, and surely this bizarre whim will all blow over in an hour."

Das Boy gave me a pep talk about not quitting. I got mildly cross (on the inside) because he was rightly pointing out that I'm doing this wrong and called me on my bullshit, and then I went home to write and instead read Television Without Pity and watch youtube clips of local TV stations interviewing DWTS stars. Ehhhhnnng.

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10K by Sunday! *\o/* Mars or Bust!
peanuts - dark and stormy night


4301 / 50000

Turning off the internet = shockingly helpful. Also, I adore my 12-year-old Boy Wonder's bitchy 15-year-old sister, so I brought her along to NASA to gush about a TV show featuring Futuristic Luke Perry In Space, and that made me lol. Plus, Colonel Skinner's character has been introduced! Plus, I'm planning to make said character's wife be a professional dancer because Dancing With the Stars ate my brain, shut up.

Must go acquire caffeine as prize, I think. Then, moar writings so I can spam you with updates. *mwah*

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