November 8th, 2010

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Fic! SGA, R, 5 Times John & Elizabeth Reunited

Title: ....and let not Winter's touch
Rating: R for section 2, the rest PG
Dedication: hihoplastic! Whom we all love and cherish!
Summary: 5 times John and Elizabeth reunited.
Spoilers: Episode-related for "The Return" and "Lifeline."
Warnings: Old-age character death.
Author's Note: This all started because once upon a time hihoplastic left me a prompt with the word translucent, which somehow made me think of the last section, which really needed to be Thing 5 in a 5 Things fic (havocthecat gets enabling credit on this one.) There's definitely bittersweet in this, so it may not be appropriate for the happy_hiho comm... but I wrote it for hiho so HERE YOU GO, WITH LOVE. (Title is from Khalil Gibran. Thanks, Google!)
Note: I'm in nano-mode, so this may be rough around the edges.

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Ares: Part 1!

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(If only I could throw in the 7K of SGA fic I wrote yesterday and I might be sort of pacing! It's official - writing original stuff is much harder.)

OK, I totally promised I would post this thing in segments as I finish them. This is sort of terrifying because it means I can't go back and edit for the rest of the month. Which is the point, I know, but, it's also the hardest part (especially after years of trying to make myself less damn wordy in fanfic). I'm already headdesking about some things in here.

So, here you go. Ares, part 1, in all its drafty glory. OMFG.

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