November 20th, 2010

peanuts - plot thickening

Ares: Part 2! (1/2)

17375 / 50000 (34.75%)

I SO ROCK. More than a third of the way there! Yeeeahhhh! (And there's 1/3rd of the month left! I have symmetry, if not pacing!) For a section that I wasn't convinced even needed to be in this story at all, I managed to get out a bunch of words, and I think I figured out these characters. (Mind you, the next time we see them, they're about 10 years older, so I'll have to figure them out again.)

My friend Storm told me a story this morning over brunch about some author (Harlan Ellison, I think she said?) who used to write his short stories in a cafe, and as soon as he was done with a page, he'd post it in the window so he couldn't go back and change anything. In that spirit, LJ is my nano cafe window. Read at your own risk. :)

This section is R-rated for sex and language. It's probably also rated D- for made-up science.

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