November 25th, 2010

peanuts - dark and stormy night

A Little Red Thanksgiving

21125 / 50000 (42.25%)

Go, Muse, Go!

fyca will beat me up on her way back to Seattle if I don't hit 25K today, so I'm aiming for 27K so that I can meet her goal without breaking my golden streak of underachieving at NaNo. I have a plan!

1. I can write about 1000 potentially pointless words in an hour, as determined by the last hour. I even took about 90 seconds to answer a glee-bomb phone call from sister K, during which I hit the space bar over and over so that Write or Die wouldn't make horrible shrieking noises at me. Yay!

2. I bought black tea. It's too cold for iced tea in my apartment, so if I make hot tea at the top of the hour and then sip it as it cools while writing, I can maintain a steady stream of caffeine. WRITING FUEL!

3. When I hit the end of the hour with at least 1000 words, I can run around with dog, make tea, check in with the internet, and answer fyca's latest "WELL? WELL?" text message(s). Her name will eventually appear in the acknowledgments of a rather mediocre novel, I predict!

Next time you see me, I will have MOAR WORDS!
peanuts - think i'm in love

My 25K brings all the boys to the yard

25253 / 50000 (50.51%)


This means MANY THINGS! This means my average daily word count thus far is now over 1000, and my required daily word count is under 5000 and all sorts of associated milestones. I think, at this midway point, I have finally gotten into the NaNo spirit. This section of the draft novel will be for people who just really love me so much that they want to read all the tangents that rattle out of my brain and how Cara takes her coffee and whatnot. Huzzah!

HALFWAY! I am now, mathematically speaking, more a winner than a loser.