November 26th, 2010

peanuts - dark and stormy night

Novel Catch-Up, Day 2!

26799 / 50000 (53.60%)

Woo! I've upped my write-or-die requirements to 1500 words in an hour! My speed at typing truly random stuff is improving! :) I'd like to be at 32,500 by the end of the day. (Well, I'd like to be even farther than that, but let's keep our fantasies to this space-time continuum.) *faints*

My dog would like to share with the group that this sort of concentrated writing is really quite boring for her. She has been snoozing on my legs, getting up every so often to give me dirty looks. 5 more days, dog!


28285 / 50000 (56.57%)

28,285 IN THE FACE! Yeeeahhhh!


Item 2:
29394 / 50000 (58.79%)