November 27th, 2010

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32514 / 50000 (65.03%)

32,500, as promised, and with 4 minutes to spare before midnight, even!

I am now the proud pwner of 7,000 words in one day on something that's not fanfic. Yay! I think I mostly wrote things that made sense to the story, although I probably dragged on a lot, and once I had to start a whole new section for the last 1000 words or so, so I decided to write from Cara's POV so I could just fling out some word salad about how being a bipolar genius in charge of something in the space program probably makes it really hard to take showers often enough, and sometimes your carpet seems like a real threat to your body and soul.

Tomorrow - 40K or bust? Surely 7.5K can't be that much harder than 7K...

(They haven't even left Earth yet, guys. This is why I should never be encouraged to write as many words as possible. It's basically a long string of character studies that will eventually get them to Mars, where exciting things will actually happen, but probably not until December or January. Damn, am I ever jealous of those people who had an outline going into this thing.)

ETA: I wish I could go "show of hands of people who have filtered me over the last three days due to excessive nano codependent showoffitude!" but those people would have filtered me, so it would be a very small number of actual hands shown.

ETA2: Holy crap, I just reread this post, and it makes absolutely no sense. I hope at least some of the things I wrote today in my novel are more salvageable!
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"Glad you survived the Portland terrorist!"

I woke up this morning to that email from my mom.

Apparently, somebody tried to blow up the Portland tree-lighting ceremony last night. Woah! (Don't read the comments - it's a lot of people who probably couldn't find Oregon on a map wanting to deport all adopted Muslim children or something.)

Thank you, FBI!! Can I send them flowers or something? <3 <3 The target was partially picked because, as the would-be bomber said, "no one thinks about Oregon," so I'm really glad the intelligence operatives didn't feel the same way.
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The Saturday Writer-Spam Post!

Oh, what I wouldn't do for a) an OUTLINE, b) having done ACTUAL RESEARCH, c) not having wasted most of November in a depressive fog!

My novel is seriously begging for some science right now. Or at least for me to spend twenty minutes looking at a map of Mars so I could give real names rather than typing in [random canyon!] and [crater-thing!], etc. Sweet, sweet editing: I am looking forward to you!

34021 / 50000 (68.04%)

At 6 pm tonight I'm going to a Portland NaNo event called The Soiree of Furious Typing, which lasts until midnight! Hopefully it will involve some legit furious typing, because as much as I love a party, I am still hurtling myself in the vague direction of the finish line over here. I'll update this post after 35K!

3:47 pm:
35308 / 50000 (70.62%)

I am now less than 10,000 words behind where I should be, if I were "pacing"! :) This is EPIC. I've also introduced... hmm, possibly everyone! *checks* Yes! Everyone has at least been mentioned in passing. They probably all need work, because I'm in race to the finish and it's okay if the voices are a little wobbly mode. In other news, I want a muffin, which I don't have.

8:25 pm:
38005 / 50000 (76.01%)

Over 75%, y'all! I'm at the Furious Typing Soiree, and I don't even know what I'm furiously typing anymore. ;) This whole section is flagged for overhaul. I might get a muffin, though! Come on, 40K!
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40015 / 50000 (80.03%)

40K! (plus 15 words, so I could make it 7500 words in one day.) Good lord. I think I might go to work on Monday unable to form a complete sentence, but there may - MAY! - be hope for this last-minute word burn!