December 13th, 2010

peanuts - xmas

Cubicle Crafts: Deck the Halls

'Tis the season for non-denominational holiday decorations!

Last year, one of my coworkers brought in a ton of Christmas stuff - lights and a miniature tree and a zillion decorations, and my main contribution was printing "gift wrap" off and wrapping up empty office supply boxes to put under the little tree. This year, our corporate office came down with a few rules: no lights (fire hazard), no trees (lawsuit hazard, I assume), and no budget. They suggested a "winter theme." (Never mind that evergreen trees are about as winter as you can get in the Northwest.)

After coming up with a few complicated fake-snow ideas, I added a rule for myself: everything would have to be made with available office supplies, because I am too lazy and poor to shop with my own money.

Here are the results!

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