December 15th, 2010

trek - pc big goodbye - viresse_icons

"We were like warriors from the ancient sagas. There was nothing we could not do."

"Except keep the holodecks working right." (Worf & O'Brien, DS9's "Way of the Warrior")

OK! I have lots of exciting things that need doing: prettylightsfic, about a zillion Christmas presents, digging out my craft space so I have a place to put my sewing machine and clear floor space to cut fabric and whatnot, fixing my vacuum cleaner so I can clean the cleared floor space for fabric-cutting, etc. I also need to clean out my fridge because there are scary old things in there. I clearly need entertainment for this. I had so much fun with my Ensign Ro marathon last week, I think I'll have another themed marathon. And since I know you hang on my every tv-watching decision, I will share it with you! ;)

I call it Das Boy's worst nightmare (he haaaaates this trope), or: The Great Holodeck Adventure Marathon.

Limiting it to only holodeck malfunction episodes would rule out awesome crack like "Fair Haven" and "Hollow Pursuits", but just having a holodeck scene or two would be... like half the episodes in existence, at least. And if we start getting into "but what is a holodeck, really?" then I'd have to rewatch the animated series Shore Leave sequel again, and I already put myself through that once this year. SO. It's decided. Standard holodeck romp fare.

We start in TNG season 1 with the episode I have seen more often than any other Star Trek ever episode: "The Big Goodbye."

Do you love holodeck episodes? Hate them with the burning hellfires of a thousand suns? What's your favorite? Tell meeeeee!