May 5th, 2011

dwts - hines/kym

"How can I better enable Little Red today?"

I am still really stupidly enamored with Hines & Kym from Dancing With the Stars. I need enablers because I'm starting to feel a little crazy talking about this show with coworkers who watch TV like normal people and maybe like a pairing and vote for them and whatever but don't spend hours scouring the internet for interview quotes and picking out china patterns for your imaginary couple.

So you can better enable me, I have lovingly copy/pasted the embed codes for all of their segments & dances from the show below this LJ cut. (Thanks, youtube user codebear4! You make my life complete!)

The best part: even if you think that shipping two real actual humans is Wrong Wrong Wrong, you can still enjoy these videos and enjoy the sparkly dances and hot people. If RPF is not your cup of tea, I suggest an alternate pairing of Kym/Tassels!

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