May 7th, 2011

peanuts - dark and stormy night

You will.


Say you have a story that, for reasons unknown to you, really wants to be written in the second person, which is weird enough on its own. I really kind of want to put it in the future-tense, like, You will meet him on a Thursday instead of You meet him on a Thursday, but I'm not sure if that makes it extra really super weird. Will I get sixteen pages into the story and get really sick of writing the word will, or start to wonder how I'm so clairvoyant and know all this stuff that hasn't happened yet?

In this case, I think the temptation for future-tense is that I'm writing RPF about events that haven't happened yet in the real world (and probably the draw of 2nd person is because I don't have to use names and thus avoid the RPF-eek factor for myself). But I'm curious in general and want companionship in this thought process.

Talk to me about your adventures with weird tenses and points of view and whatever!