May 20th, 2011

dwts - hines/kym


Possibly the fluffiest ESPN fluff piece that has ever happened. Kym never lets Hines get any sleep, Hines wants her to meet her competition, and they're both obsessed with pillows. (This looks like it was made the week before last, so pre-neck-drama. Remember when the mistaken handcuffing thing was the most drama they had? Bless.)

(OH. Been told the embed doesn't work on some browsers. Go here for the cutest thing ever that doesn't involve kittens or babies.)

(Everyone else: This season of DWTS ends Tuesday. Your flists will soon be free of endless Hines/Kym spam. This seems important to mention since noradannan has started dreaming about me posting Hines/Kym spam, and that might be a sign I've gone over the top.)

There's more fic coming too once I figure out how to remove the suck from it. THIS PAIRING IS KILLING MEEE.

In other news, espnW is apparently a thing? ESPN for women? I can't decide how I feel about this. I think I'm pleased?