May 24th, 2011

dwts - hines/kym


I am in no shape to liveblog this DWTS 3-hour rock block. I have been beside myself for an hour already, because I found HINES/KYM FANVIDS and some of them are horrendous (you. would. not. believe. I have been in fandom for a long time. I did not believe.) and some of them are kind of awesome and I don't even. You guys. This is the bad youtube incarnation of my mental state for the last four weeks and it's SO BAD. I haven't even started drinking yet and I can barely keep from falling off the couch.

Smirnoff Ice (KARINA, Y U NOT PARTNERED WITH ICE-T SO THAT CAN BE UR TEAM NAME) is somehow the least nasty thing available in my local 7-11. It comes in convenient 1-liter size. THANK GOD.

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