May 25th, 2011

dwts - hines/kym

Planet Mirrorball, Your New King and Queen...

ETA: I don't think I mentioned just how much I LOVE ALL OF YOU who showed up for my liveblog crack last night. You made drinking alone in my apartment feel really cool and I love you for it. <3

EEEEEE. Man, I just loved this whole season. Petra. PETRA. Is she not the sweetest person ever? My God. She is the high priestess of Planet Mirrorball, I think. Josh Groban surprised her mid-dance in the finale and it was so utterly sweet. And Chris Jericho needs to be a continuing feature on this show. Oh, and Hines and Kym are going to have beautiful babies. The squeee is going to be massive and never-ending until it ends in a day or two when the internet stops overflowing with interviews and videos and OTP OTP OTP and the DWTS spam will settle down into a more sedate kind of "is Little Red still writing fanfic about that?" Hines & Kym: OTP in the eyes of America for the day, IN MY HEART OF HEARTS FOREVER.

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