June 27th, 2011

sga - alcohol porn - nos

I'm 29!

I had super deep thoughts about that before I went drinking in a tiki bar (and by "super deep" I mean "glittery and full of allcaps and exclamation points and things like FUCK YEAH I'M AWESOME AND NOW A WHOLE YEAR AWESOMER THAN I WAS AT AGE 28 because I'm in that sort of mood lately and I don't think it's mania as much as just a general realization that life is kind of unpredictable so I might as well enjoy the fuck out of it and not worry so much about if I'm doing it right, but it might also be mania").

I went drinking in a tiki bar! I might never be as cool as hihoplastic. Not just because she's BFFs with Torri. She's also vegan and doesn't look like she's about to die. THAT IS LIKE SUPERHUMAN AWESOME RIGHT THERE. She's my hero.

Also of note: There is a tiki bar like FOUR BLOCKS FROM MY HOME basically, and I had never been there before.

Um... I wore a lot of yellow today. It's important to do that on one's birthday. I looked so awesome that a coworker took video of me to show to one of our friends from another office and I don't think he did that just to mock me.

Also, I kind of took over the glitter!crack DWTS fandom I found on the internet. They are adorable newbie fangirls who are not used to fandom and do things like get OVERCOME BY WOE when there are obstacles to their 'ship and I'm like YOU GUYS. YOU GUYS. These people we're shipping aren't married to other people (Torri/Joe) or unable to make a move for twenty-five years (Picard/Crusher) or fucking each other's exes (Megan/Kate) or CANONICALLY DEAD (you know who I'm talking about and that never actually happened), so this is like the easy street of 'shipping here and we should CHERISH AND LOVE EEEEET.

(Actually, I kind of remember when I had a moral center and got skeeved out by RPF, so I can appreciate people who are, but I don't even KNOW where my line is anymore.)

I should probably have to breathe into a tube before I'm allowed on the internet. Ladies and gentlemen, Little Red at 29!

Very much like Little Red at 28, except awesomer.