July 16th, 2011

dwts - hines/kym

Fic: DWTS RPF, season 12 cast shenanigans, PG, "Patron Tequila"

You know those times when you write some cracky comment!fic, and then you say, well, I might as well type it up since mspooh enjoys the occasional crackery, and then you realize it's like 3700 words? Anyway, please enjoy the cracky spoils of my quest to write 100,000 words this summer!

Title: "Patron Tequila"
Author: Little Red
Category: Dancing With the Stars, rpf, season 12 cast shenanigans, Hines/Kym UST
Rating: PG
Summary: Louis has had enough. Things don't quite go as planned.
Warnings: Cracky characterization. Adverb abuse. The usual.

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