September 26th, 2011

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Dancing With the Stars: Up Here on the Wagon

So, I was telling rosewildeirish that I'm worried about the quality of these recaps from now on, because I've stopped drinking on weeknights. I'm one of those bitches who never gets hungover, but alcohol keeps me up all night, which basically results in the same level of confusion about where I am and why I'm doing anything that doesn't involve massive amounts of glitter and sparkles and a questionable cover band. (The answer of why I'm doing something non-DWTS-related: I work, because I have a compulsive need to administrate things.) Anyway, since booze keeps me up and coffee puts me to sleep, Rose suggested I might be one of those people who have opposite reactions to stimulants. I think it's further proof that I'm an alien.

Eee! Tonight at 11: Hope and Maks rehearsed in Portland this week! You've fooled me enough times, KATU. You promise me great DWTS things and then I spend half an hour watching stories about the breaking news of how kids today have taken up jaywalking or who knew, the forecast in Portland is rain between now and next June. Fooled me ENOUGH TIMES! I'm totally going to watch.

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