October 1st, 2011

sga - sparktober




And as if to celebrate, irony_rocks discovered that I won a fandom award I didn't know about! She won too, and she didn't know about it either. Thank you, Gatefic!

("Ascent" is here, for those of you who didn't know me in 2005 or are like "Jaysus, Little Red, when are you going to organize your fics into some kind of useful index?" Or both. And wow, I feel like a tool for not replying to all those comments, but I probably shouldn't do it now six years later.)

I haven't completely finished my Day 1 Sparktober fic, but there's tomorrow and it's been a long week and there was work and Red Sox and more work and mentalness and then there was Sparktober and weekend and the former lj user nafy being the awesomest of awesomes and I really just need to curl up and snooze and soak in happiness and things I have done well and how other people remember me even when I don't. <3 I'm really lucky.