October 2nd, 2011

sga - sparktober

Fic: Atlantis, Sheppard/Weir, PG, "Two's Company"

I have done fic over at sparktober!

Two's Company, or: Five Times John Sheppard Wished That Elizabeth Weir Would Just Go Away.

I started it in 2007, and no, I don't remember what the heck I was thinking with that particular Five Things idea. miera_c also did fic which I am about to read and I am sure is awesome! So basically, if you are not actively refreshing sparktober right now, you are missing out.

By the way, I'm doing a finish-a-thon for this year's Sparktober in the hopes of getting to share some fic with really great beginnings I have worked on for years and lame endings that I will quickly slap together before the end of the month. But in a good way! THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!