October 3rd, 2011

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Dancing With the Stars: Nearer My Rumba To Thee

Previously, on Dancing With the Stars, David Arquette and Kym Johnson were in the "Real Bottom Two," and Kym nearly cried what would probably be ethereal sparkly fairy tears. The person who should really be honked off about the Real Bottom Two announcement is Nancy Grace, who was in the Fake Bottom Two in Week 1, because this makes it clear that she wasn't actually the second least popular and the show made her suffer the stress of near-elimination for no particular reason.

Previously not on Dancing With the Stars, after getting bashed by the judges for their Jive, Kym hilariously told paparazzi that Steelers QB Ben Rothlisspellingishard is "a douchebag" for not throwing to Hines Ward, her last season's DWTS partner / future babydaddy. Though basically everyone who has followed Big Ben's off-the-field career for any length of time knows that this is 100% true, the internet kind of ganged up on her for daring to say as much while wearing a sheer blouse (no kidding). So, my glitter sparkleprincess is having a tough week, and David Arquette's promise that his Rumba will be "nearly naked" will not necessarily make it any better.

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