January 1st, 2012

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Handmade Holidays

My sister and I like to do holiday themes, for both decorations (the "The North Pole Threw Up On Our Apartment" theme is particularly memorable) and gifts (every year we say "Your presents have a theme!" and 9 times out of 10 that theme is Star Trek).

This year, my theme was Handmade Holidays. My goal was to have all decorations handmade out of things I already had, and all gifts be handmade, recycled and/or locally sourced for under $5. I was mostly successful! Mostly.

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All of this helped me get pretty far on the last of my 2011 Year Of 11 New Year's Resolutions! I've got a super fun resolution planned for this year which I'll post about later in case anyone else wants to join in!
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Resolutions By The Dozen: 2012!

Yay! After 2010's Do 100 New Things resolution (success!) and 2011's "Year of 11" lists (um... partial credit), I was really excited to come up with a fun challenge "resolution" for this year! I mean, there are actual things I really would like / need to improve in my life, but I don't want to start a year off with a drudge list of un-fun things to do for an entire year.

(Okay, I'm doing that for my work resolution, which is "keep my desk clean so everyone things I'm an organized genius" since I've gotten into the habit of keeping stacks of stuff on my desk so people don't think I'm bored. That's not the fun resolution. Moving on!)

I've got two major weaknesses that thwart traditional resolutions: I'm obsessive to the exclusion of everything else... but I lack staying power. (None of this should be a surprise to you.) Having to do something in moderation over a long period of time leads directly to me thinking I suck as a person. But I was thinking this week that maybe, if I frame my life right, instead of banging my head against these obstacles, they could suddenly be awesome traits I could use to my advantage!


You know it's legit when I make a graphic in PaintBrush.

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