June 21st, 2012

trek - t'pol reading - afterglowss


I've been wanting to get back into my Star Trek theme marathons because those are fun as heck, but what if - WHAT IF! - I did a Star-Trek-Lit marathon and read books referenced on the shows?

(I mean the ones that actually exist, not the Kir'Shara or what-have-you.)

I'm cheating because I'm already reading Sherlock Holmes.

Plus excuse to start over watching from the beginning of everything to make sure I don't miss a reference.

EDIT: Actually I just really need some kind of epic potentially bloggable reading project that isn't Twilight. Ever since 50 Shades of Gray came around and my coworkers are pushing it at me big-time, Twilight suddenly seems like a TOTALLY REASONABLE ALTERNATIVE. (Someone argued "You might hate it so much you love it!" and that was a really good argument.)

EDIT 2: I just like to start a lot of epic projects, okay? It's a hobby.