July 3rd, 2012

sga - sw gamble everything

Fics I want to have already written (or, you know, just found)*

I've said this before, but every time I watch Return I want to see a fic where Landry makes good on his threat to drum Sheppard out of the service. (I mean, he's got a LIST of legit charges after disobeying orders, steal Air Force property, zatting two airmen, etc, etc, etc.) All's well that ends with saving Jack and Woolsey might be fair, but Landry was going to personally seeeee that his career in the military would be *hangup* I'm really surprised that this wasn't the thing that made someone go "Okay, we really can't afford to have these people we can't control out there making enemies."

They took a big gamble, and I wish I'd already written some big epic where they had to pay an administrative price for saving the city. And I'd write it now but I really can't figure out what would happen.

*I mean, I'd really prefer to just find it already written by someone better than me, but you know this fic must already exist out there and it's John/Rodney slash and that's not what I'm after at this juncture because all roads worth traveling lead to Sparktober.