November 18th, 2012

trek - hoshi sick - afterglowss

I would like to make a deal

... with viruskind.

Be it established that upon an invasion of the body of viruskind, the expected amount of sick is understood to be X days, virus-type dependent.

I propose that I will allow my body to host said virus for X+1 days if I am permitted to defer the onset of sick for up to 1 week, such that the time of sick shall fall at a more convenient time.

What say you, virus caucus?
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nano pony


18287 ★ 50000

Not yet 20,000 is KIND OF like 30,000 so we're totally okay. (The words I wrote were thanks to phrenitis, best online nano buddy, no you can't have her.)

And look, extenuating circumstances. I was sick. I was on Day 1 of that TMI time/monthly enforced brain vacation I take when pain makes me stupid for a few days. I may have been waylaid by a sudden desperate need to FIX ATLANTIS and send our intrepid Sparky heroes [Spark-roes?] on a nanite-enhanced Pegasus adventure. These setbacks happen in the course of people's lives and we must allow for that.

It's okay though. 4 day weekend next weekend. Crappy novel, you are mine.