November 23rd, 2012

trek - hoshi sick - afterglowss


Plan: each day of holiday weekend, deep-clean 1 room of my apartment and write 8K words.

Actual: Sleeping, lung-puking [those long asthmatic coughing fits / "my lungs are FULL OF STUFF OMG WTF"], being too lazy to write/clean/turn on Netflix. Too lazy for Netflix, people.

I had such high hopes for my Nano progress this year! On the big, big, big upside, this year's November Sickness is only physical. Not being crippled by mental illness is way, way better than feeling smug because I hadn't upped my meds for so many years. Noted!

That said, while my family never really celebrated Thanksgiving and I had planned to be bopping around between write-ins instead of going to a Big Family Gathering, Thanksgiving alone is more lonely than regular days alone. (Especially when one is too sick/lazy to turn on Netflix. Captain Picard is good company, yo. Ditto Twilight Sparkle and/or crazy Olly Steeds. Screw you, Netflix, for taking my Stargates away from me!)

So if anyone's around, can we talk about fun fandom things? Or Nano things? Or how it's totally OK to live in squalor for a few more days because standing is hard? :)

ETA: Talked to my parents, who awesomely were like "Dude, sick days don't count for Nano. You should just add them all onto the end." I love how my parents still sorta think they can write me notes to get me out of anything when I'm sick. Then my mom prescribed tea, and "Watch Janeway in the bathtub episode." My parents are the actual best.

Then we discussed how they were watching Goldfinger, and I told them the story of how I was supposed to pick a "classic American name" for a 9th grade global studies mock Yalta conference or something and I chose "Pussy Galore" without realizing the implications. I mean, she was a GREAT AMERICAN HEROINE, okay?