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Respect Your Ancestors; Support Your Local Wildlife

We pass the big old Catholic cemetary on the way to work. Today, we saw a brave little deer walking from gravestone to gravestone and EATING ALL THE FLOWERS.

I really wish there would have been a way to snap a picture and not crash into something. Alas, you'll just have to imagine the cute for yourselves.

Speaking of cute, would it really be that much crazier to have 28 rats instead of 27? I really really thought that four cages and 27 rats had gotten me over the Get More Rats (tm) syndrome, but omg, look at this li'l dewd! The downside is that I will have to quarrantine him IN MY BATHROOM because we have no other rat-free rooms in the house. Which is seriously crazy, right? But lookit his little paws and ears! And he's all by himself at the humane society!

ETA: Ratlet was adopted by someone else before I could get out of work! This is a good thing. Gooood thing. Yesssss. *is very pleased that the cute little ratlet has a good home, but is sad that my boys don't get a new friend*

I dreamed last night that nostalgia_lj's rats were really big, like small-dog-sized, and that she taught them to walk on hind legs and was showing them at rat shows. (The most disturbing part of this story is that rat shows really exist. Really. So I'm not the craziest Rat Lady in the universe, no matter what you're thinking.)
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