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Little Red


Dear Everyone:

I am totally totally overwhelmed by how freaking awesome my birthday was. I can't believe how many people said hi to me, posted gleee for me, remembered me, wrote me FIC or sent me CARDS AND PRESSIES, spent omg real money or time on me, and my parents came all the way across the country and my sister bought me a CAKE because I said I wanted one and...

Seriously. You have no idea.

I spend an awful lot of my life fretting that I cause more harm than good, that I'm not a good enough friend / girlfriend / sister / employee / person, that nobody really ought to like me on the grounds that I am so horrid, etc. Most of you who've been reading this journal a while may have guessed that. ;) (Why yes, it is better now that I'm medicated.)

I've worried, since I backed away from LJ for so long, that I'd never be able to make it up to anyone, and I really expected that everyone would have -- should have -- written me off.

I'm so amazed and pleased and elated that you haven't. I am so grateful for the people in my life, my family and friends (and acquaintances which = newfriends!). You're just... SO AWESOME.

I'm really entirely not sure how I deserve you. But to start 25 out being awesome, I'm going to believe I do. :)

I love you all madly. I really appreciate it.

You're the best. :)


Little Red
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