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But squeee! There are totally adorable romantic MARRIED COUPLES! And MY FIRST GIRL!SLASH OTP EVAR! And uniforms and things. AND POSSIBILITIES FOR OT3 OF AWESOME (... actually, that part's all in my head. Oh, and on the Lifetime Official Website, because if you go to the "cast" section, each character is totally shown with the two characters they most need to have sex with. TRY IT.)

Yes, I just linked the Lifetime Official Website non-ironically. THIS IS BAD, PEOPLE. I also now belong to lots of show-related communities that are populated with lots of real life Army Wives And Other Verreh Conservative Folk who might hit me with sticks for requesting lots of lesbian pr0n.

thebratqueen wrote a Pimp Post for Army Wives a while back that has pictures and can better convince you not to make fun of me.

I was in such distress this morning over my complete omg-not-sleeping love for this show and the fact that there is ZERO FANFIC ON THE INTARWEBS AT ALL led me even to writing a really bad ficlet:

Title: "Standing Invitation"
Author: Little Red
Rating: G
Category: Claudia Joy, Denise!angst, friendship with a side of UST.
Timeline: Between episodes 2 and 3. No real spoilers, though.
For: triciabyrne1978

When things are bad (like they have been, lately), Denise goes to Claudia Joy's for breakfast. There's no invitation. One was made a long time ago (eight years, almost, when Jeremy was at camp and Frank and Michael were both overseas and it was another hard time) but Denise never needs an invitation, because the Holdens seem to know that it must be bad if she's not at home making breakfast for her son.

"He's a big boy," Claudia Joy says, complete with a look of confident certainty, whenever Denise starts to feel guilty for leaving Jeremy to start his day without a fresh omelette. "He's old enough to pour himself some cereal."

Claudia Joy has a simple way of looking at things that tends to help.

Denise finds herself laughing as she helps with the pancakes. It's easy, somehow, as they reminisce about the years of Mickey Mouse pancakes when the kids were young, and the first time Amanda made pancakes and she flipped the pan so hard the half-cooked pancake stuck to the wall.

"Those were good times, weren't they?" Denise asks, and it's rhetorical, because she doesn't want to talk about it, about everything that's happening, but she really wants to talk.

Claudia Joy catches her eye, a moment of seriousness amid the pancakes and the silly stories and the pretending that everything is fine. "They still are, Denise."

Michael comes in then, asks about the status of breakfast, keeps his nose buried in his palm pilot. Claudia Joy adds ears to the pancake on the stove and nudges her, and Denise rolls her eyes but obediently drops chocolate chips into the batter for eyes and a mouth. There's something reassuring about the way Claudia Joy keeps brushing against her with her elbow, a sort of shared laughter and I'm here for you and something else all at once, something that makes Denise feel like things will be okay, as long as she has this friendship. This connection. Someone who gets her and cares about her this much, someone who isn't Frank, because Frank loves her and adores her as much as she does him, but sometimes Denise thinks she isn't strong enough to be his second-in-command and just wants... this.

Whenever she thinks that, she comes here.

Michael raises an eyebrow when a stack of cartoon pancakes end up on his plate, and says, "You two..." He's looking at Claudia Joy like she's the most incredible thing in the world -- he does that, all the time, even when they're just talking about pancakes or groceries or who's going to bring the car to the shop -- but Claudia Joy is looking at her, and sometimes Denise feels like Michael's the third wheel at this breakfast table.

As they clear the dishes, Claudia Joy asks her, "What are your plans for the day?"

The guilt comes back, like Frank can see her contemplating having fun, curling up next to Claudia Joy on the couch and drinking wine in the middle of the day when she should be doing something (Frank in real life wouldn't mind, because he tells her all the time she should take more time for herself, but in Denise's head, Frank is always saying she's not doing enough).

And Claudia Joy's hand is on her cheek, brushing her hair back, like she knows exactly what Denise is thinking. She probably does. "I've got some more preparations to make for the supply drive on Saturday. I could use your help."

"Of course," she says, because that's easy. Helping is easy.

Claudia Joy's hand is still in her hair. "I'm here for you, you know."

Denise closes her eyes, doesn't want to cry (but does want to, wants to feel her friend's arms around her and hear one more time that everything will be okay), and says, "I know. Thank you."

"I like it when you come for breakfast," Claudia Joy says, moving back to the sink to finish washing the pan. "You should do it more often. It'll be good for Jeremy to eat cereal once in a while."

Denise laughs, and it feels good. "I just might do that." She brushes Claudia Joy's soapy hands as she takes dishes from her to dry them and she thinks that, as long as she has this, she'll be able to keep it together.


Conclusion: WATCH IT BECAUSE YOU LOVE MEEE. Or just pretend you watch it and make me icons.

(edit: okay, tonight's episode kind of wanked out at the end there. BUT STILL. If you watched the show we could complain about it together, see?)
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