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18 April 2004 @ 04:49 pm
sports geekiness, take two  
Is it bad that I get wibbly at the New England Sports Network "Red Sox Nation" promos?

Sadness regarding the Yankees winning at the top of the 8th right now, though... but Seibel is totally in my harem of Red Sox boyfriends now, despite his less than stellar relief-pitching performance so far. Such a cutie, and he played in Pawtucket right down the road from me just a few weeks ago! High hopes. And hey, I'm allowed to stray a bit until Trot can play again :)

[hockey] Toronto Maple Leafs to play to potentially end the playoff series against the Senators tonight at 7!

-- Little Red, who really wants to go to a PawSox game soon
feel: sentimental
hear: NESN