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I am going to take my state and national real estate exam today! Wheeee!

On the one hand, I'm all "OMFG NERVOUS PLEASE PASS MEEEE!" because if I don't pass, I will literally be killed dead with mock. And won't get the sweet sweeeeeet promotion that I'm being considered for. And, seriously, killed dead with mock.

On the other hand, I deal with utterly mentally deficient real estate co-op agents all day, every day, and they all passed this exam. So. How hard could it be?

I have to stop at the Rite-Aid on the way and get Life Savers. Seriously, the only thing I remember from my SAT prep class was bring lifesavers.

(Things I did not learn in my SAT prep class but still used to prepare include: rereading Medie's faboo Talia/Garibaldi fic (!!1!), putting my hair in pigtails, and falling asleep last night to the stupidly delightful Enterprise episode "Shuttlepod One." "The universe can giggle all it wants! It's still not getting any of our Bourbon." OMG LOVE.)
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