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because I haven't seemed crazy enough lately...

Sister and I might adopt 2 more rats today.

Wait, wait, I know what you're thinking. "Won't that be 29 rats!? Are you absolutely nutcakes?"

I've got two arguments for you:



(And yes, we're absolutely nutcakes. We have rats in every room of the house. These little ratlets will need to go through decon be quarrantined in the bathroom.)

We haven't placed them on hold, because the universe might want to save us from ourselves... but if those little cutepies are still available at the humane society after work today, they will be joining the Geek!Rat commune.

They are two boys, currently named "Seamus" and "Neville." Those names are considerably awesome, but anyone have any better (read: geekier eta: Star Trekkier) suggestions?

Edit: Sanity has overtaken us temporarily. We will actually just go home and play with the 27 rats we already have, despite my desire to play with omgbabyrats! If they haven't been adopted by Thursday, we'll consider it a sign from the universe that they need to join the geek!rat commune.
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