Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

dialing for dollars

1) I have my license! My real live Oregon Real Estate License right here in my hot little hands. In my first official act as Licensed Real Estate Wench (per my sales manager, who says I have now graduated up from "Office Wench," though my job title and salary have not changed) is to call three hundred people and let them know about our new tower launch.

2) Anybody want to buy a condo in Portland? I can get you first pick of views and a smokin' deal. ;) Little Red Realty, at your service.

3) I have financially un-fucked myself. It will take about 3 months (W.T.F.) to get reimbursed by my company for the money I spent on office supplies, but I don't have to buy them out-of-pocket anymore from here on out. Now all I need is to apply for a new credit card and bring in my drycleaning (unrelated, but important), and then I will be 100% awesome.

4) Rattie McCutersons One and Two are still at the Humane Society. Sister and I promised the universe we would adopt them if they were still there as of 5 PM today, because I apparently need more things in my life to be responsible for. However, I did see a Beagle puppy yesterday SO CUTE that I almost adopted him without thinking about things like 10-hour workdays and Doggy Daycare, so I can just keep telling myself while taking care of the new rats, at least it is not a Beagle puppy.
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