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Livejournal: A Poem.

A is for alosersdream, that redheaded belle.
B is for besyd, who taught me to spell.
C is for cat_b, my firstest best friend
D is driftingatdusk, who changed her name again.
E is for elly427, who wrote about pants.
F is for froggoddess, who likes contra-dance.
G is for grav_ity, and she digs up rocks.
H is havocthecat, who likes to knit socks.
I is in_parentheses, who rides on the T
J is johngnassi: "I'm A Doctor, Trust Me."
K is for keenween, who drives a big car,
L is for liminalliz, who works at Basestar.
M is for meg_tdj, who loooooves C.I.
and also mspooh, who loves coffee guys.
nenya_kanadka moved away from the cold
ornithoptercat embroiders in gold.
P is phrenitis, who works for Warner Brothers
Q is for qwirky, who writes crack!fic for others.
R is for redbeard, who likes pirates and wine
S is saidshe, but "nematode" doesn't rhyme.
T is taraljc and Jake 2.0,
U is unwinding, who I don't really know.
V is victorycabbage, whose username rocks,
W is wildtiger7: GOOOOO RED SOX!
X is for X-files, my first fandom of joy
Y is yamadara, who I know through suzvoy
Z is for zeropointsnark, (someday we'll update it)
And that is my alphabet. Congrats! You made it!
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