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Have you ever looked at your friends page after a little while away and wondered if it's some crazy planned conspiracy to get you to write RPF?

*suspects there is something in the water*

(Also: yah, I haven't been reading. My beloved pet Porthos was dying a long slow death (*sad cries*) and somebody at work thought that me "pulling stretches" would build character -- it seems sales is a lot like medicine that way -- so there hasn't been much time. If anything exciting has happened to you or you've posted fun things you would like me to squeee over, please let me know! If you're sick of these "omg, I have not been reading... again..." posts, you can unfriend me and I probably won't even notice until September, but otherwise, fill me in! Yay!)

Other things I should probably do someday:
1) Watch the second half of Atlantis Season 3
2) Watch the last season of SG-1, Now For Sale At Your Local Costco
3) Watch the Jericho that Nessie sent me
4) Locate, download, and watch the last billion episodes of Army Wives that I so kindly bullied you all into watching.
5) Do that stupid sales homework for the all-day Marketing Directors training tomorrow (and by "someday" I mean "right now" on this one, unfortunately. I grew up to stop having homework, dammit!).
6) Get up. off. the bathroom. floor. (At least my body's been obeying the official scheduling of sick-at-home not-sick-at-work.)

/random plea for attention
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