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Ficlet Prompts! (all the cool kids are doin' it...)

OMG, I love peer pressure. *clings*

Prompt me for Baker's Drabbles! (things which start as drabbles but you get extra words as a bonus, because I am challenged by counting and... brevity.) Also: 5 Things prompts. Also: ... haiku prompts? Icon prompts? What are all you kids writing these days?

You know which shows I watch (have watched, don't watch but like to think about, etc)! Chances are I haven't seen the last billion episodes, so no spoilerz in the prompts for anything recent. All pairings are fair game, even ones I don't normally write, rpf included. (Also comment if you'd prefer that I post any rpf behind a filter that you can't see not write rpf so that I remain good and pure in your eyes!)

Also: If any of you could make the weekend come a little faster, that would rock.

(Oh, and to start things off, here's one I wrote for peanutbutterer in her journal)

prompt: Sheppard, Weir and the line "Ford said it couldn't be done."


“Ford said it couldn’t be done.”

Elizabeth gives him a sidelong look. Even with her breathing still unsteady, she manages to look a little bit threatening. “You’ve been discussing our private life with Ford, now?”

He blushes. He thought he’d trained that reflex out of himself, but apparently mental discipline is no match for Elizabeth Weir wearing nothing at all. “Not that,” he says quickly. “You spending a whole day without going into the control tower.”

Elizabeth checks her watch. “There’s still time, you know.”

He feels like he swallowed a stone. “Hey, hey, it’s not like I made a bet or anything. I’d never say anything that… Elizabeth-”

She looks pissed off for only another second before an impish smile breaks across her face. “Gotcha.”

He scowls, but it’s hard to be too upset when she’s still so, well, naked.

“You’re too easy,” she teases.

He smiles smugly. “That’s why you like me so much.”

“Well, I don’t know how much I like you, really.” She crawls toward him like a panther (a really, really sexy panther). “Maybe a little.”

“More than a little.”

“A little more.”

When she gets close enough, he catches her lips in a kiss. God, she tastes just… awesome.

“Okay,” she admits. “I do like you.”

He takes a breath. He doesn’t ask these kinds of questions, but around her, it just sort of happens. “Just like me?”

She swats a hand at his chest instead of answering.

He laughs, and kisses her again, and doesn’t tell her that he just won a bet with Ford about that, too.
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