Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

Sometimes, if you speak the devil's name, it goes away to make a liar of you.

Dear Livejournal:

Depression sucks and I hate it.

Let's talk about some things which are awesome and bizarre that I should be enjoying far more than I am:

1) The Knitty baby bootie pattern "Tulip Toes" is complete and utter ridiculous fabulousness. I am knitting it in a sock yarn by Lorna's in the "Sherbet" colorway that is quite literally so cute that it causes instant squeee and the desire to lick your yarn. (I don't recommend giving in to that impulse.)

2) People who send me messages via okcupid who look like the unabomber. And email me in Klingon. Seriously, there are a lot of them out there. I should cancel the page that my sister and a friend of hers set up two years ago pretending to be me, but I can't do it, for the sheer wtf factor.

3) I found a video game store that sells original Sega Genesis games. That's right. Things only went downhill after the 16-bit glory days. (Important sidenote: We still have our original game system. Still hooked up to the television. I could never figure out all the buttons on the N-64 so, um, we stuck with what we knew.)

Also, pictures! People like pictures, and it distracts them from how I have become kind of sullen and mean:

Oh no! Livejournal won't let me upload those. :( My saving grace has been stolen from me by a persistent login error! Imagine I posted pictures of how we redesigned our apartment, some classic 16-bit goodness, a teddy bear I knit and a card I made, a picture of the doggy we were dog-sitting and a bonus photo found on my camera from God-knows-when of me doing a Captain America pose in a full-body sauna suit.

In conclusion: My life is awesome. I should not hate everything.

The end.
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